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LCP Properties with another building permit for SBU warehouses - start of the Multipark Gdańsk project

LCP Properties with another building permit for SBU warehouses - start of the Multipark Gdańsk project


LCP Properties, one of the leading investors and developers on the Polish retail park market and developing operations in the small warehouse space (SBU) sector under the Multipark brand, has received another building permit for a project of this type, this time in Gdańsk. Multipark Gdańsk in the first stage has over 5,400 sq m of GLA with eighteen modules. The project is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2024.


Multipark Gdańsk will be built in the western part of the city, at Szczęśliwa Street, right next to the communication junction with the S6 expressway. In the first stage of the investment, two buildings will be built with a total of eighteen modules and a GLA of 5,400 sq m. After completing the first stage, LCP also assumes the construction of the second one. The opening of the new SBU under the Multipark brand is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.


“In the first weeks of the year, we maintain the high pace of activity from the end of 2023 - within just one month we received permits to build two separate Multiparks, first in Sosnowiec and now in Gdańsk. Thus, we are entering the construction site at two ends of Poland almost simultaneously,"

commented Magdalena Kowalewska-Kasperowicz, COO, LCP Properties in Poland.


“The events of recent months at LCP perfectly illustrate what we talk about so often - we are strongly focused on growth, and we look optimistically at the year 2024, which has already begun, through the prism of great opportunities for our further development,”

she added.


Premises in SBU warehouses, available together with modern office space, are most often used for exhibition space, last mile logistics, warehouse space, service space, online store or retail collection point.


An interesting aspect of the project being implemented in Gdańsk is the fact that, as a result of successful cooperation with the Gdańsk City Hall, LCP decided to make part of its area in Gdańsk available for the implementation of an important urban investment, a pedestrian and bicycle route, which will constitute a direct connection between the footbridge over the Bypass Tricity, and the key PKM station (City railway) is Gdańsk Kielpinek. Moreover, LCP will co-finance this investment by allocating PLN 500,000 for this purpose.


This project aims to improve the walking and cycling infrastructure in the region, as well as to facilitate and encourage residents to use ecological means of transport.

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