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Magdalena Kowalewska's Board Appointment Fuels Growth and Expertise for M Core across Poland

Magdalena Kowalewska's Board Appointment Fuels Growth and Expertise for M Core across Poland


Magdalena Kowalewska, currently serving as Chief Operating Officer of LCP Properties in Poland, has taken a significant step forward in her career with her recent appointment to the management board of three key companies; LCP, Proudreed, and Sheet Anchor, all of which are part of M Core. This strategic move, driven by the management board, signifies a substantial leap in the company's growth trajectory.


Magdalena Kowalewska brings over two decades of invaluable expertise to the commercial real estate arena, and her journey is marked by notable accomplishments. Since March 2023, she has been at the helm as Chief Operating Officer at LCP Properties Poland, where she spearheads the management of a diverse investment portfolio that includes retail parks and state-of-the-art SBU warehouse spaces. Her role extends beyond day-to-day operations, encompassing the strategic development and acquisition initiatives undertaken by the group. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in the management and expansion of prominent brands in the Polish market, including M PARK, M EMKA, and M Multipark.


In response to Magdalena's appointment, James Fife, CEO of M Core Poland, commented,

"Magdalena's journey to this notable appointment is a testament to her outstanding career. Her extensive experience and leadership have significantly contributed to our company's continued growth and success. We are proud to have her on board and believe that her expanded role within the M Core collective will further elevate the entire organization in the European commercial property market."


With degrees in marketing from the University of Chicago, as well as a degree in International Economic Relations from the Warsaw School of Economics, Magdalena Kowalewska is a distinguished alumna who has also honed her linguistic proficiency with a degree in English Philology from Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Her multifaceted education underscores her versatility and commitment to excellence in the dynamic field of commercial real estate.


Magdalena Kowalewska's appointment to the management board not only signifies a personal achievement but also adds substantial expertise and leadership to fostering further growth and development for M Core within Poland commercial property market.

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